Sunday, January 27, 2008


"hurt" is not the right term to describe what im feeling at the moment..

devastated? yeah.. possible..

now i understand.. why sometimes, people want to be invisible.. but i dont want to be just invisible, coz its very one sided.. people cant see you but you can still see them and i dont want to see anything too..

maybe i should just disappear.. but can i do that?

i wish i can.. i know that its all i need to do, not to mention that its the only choice i have right now..
my life is pretty screwed up and i dont know how to fix it.. its so unfair how i get to take one step forward in fixing everything then everything crumbles again.. its very tiring..

im very tired of not knowing what to do..
im very tired of being weak..
im very tired of everything..
and i hate it..

i should just poof.. nobody cares anywayz

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