Monday, April 21, 2008

did i make the wrong decision?

sooo... my cousin asked me to choose any juicy bracelet that i want.. he knows i love love em.. out of around 15 designs i chose this one:

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Sweet Shoppe Charm Bracelet

$150.01 including shipping and handling
Yellow gold-plated link bracelet with large standard closure. Six attached charms (shown clockwise from top.)
*Strawberry Charm: Pink with Swarovski® crystals.
*Juicy Heart Charm: Light blue with yellow "Juicy Couture" scroll on front.
*Cake Charm: Chocolate brown with red strawberry; white whip cream.
*Candy Heart Charm: Pink. "Eat Candy" on front.
*Juicy Candy Charm: Pink/white stripes. "Choose Juicy" on front.
*Juicy Bow Charm: Green/white. Bow with Swarovski® crystal center. "Juicy Couture" in brown.
All charms, 14-karat yellow gold-plated. Lobster closures with signature crown engraving. Comes in a heart shaped candy box . Imported.

why? coz i always had a fascination with charm bracelets. it says so much about you. you can choose the charms that you want and that means alot to me since i always wanted to have my personal touch on my stuff. i love love the candy charms. its so sweet looking! so nevertheless, i headed to the item checkout part of the site ( we bought this bracelet online check out for more of their gorgeous items). we were told to wait a for a confirmation email from them after they check my cousin's credit card and all. and when everything is cleared, we were to receive an email which includes the status of our order (a tracking number from fed ex and some stuff like that). Unfortunately, they dont ship here in the Philippines so i had it mailed to my friend's house in california and she's just gonna have it shipped to me.

after a few days, i checked my cousin's email and the status order of my bracelet was already mailed.. my friend is expecting to receive it on the 19th.. (thats today btw!) i went to the juicy site once again, i just wanted to see my bracelet.. hehe i am really really reallyyyyyyyyyyy excited.. sooo, on the navigation i clicked women's, then jewelry, then bracelets and rings.. i waited for the page to load.. when it finally did.. i died..

this was what i saw.. low and behold!


Garden Party Bracelet

$120.00 including shipping and handling
A ladybug and two butterflies pollinate a bouquet of daisies and pansies
*14-karat yellow gold plate.
*Multicolor enamel.
* Round-cut crystals.
* Imported.

they came out with new items!!! omg!! and i love love this garden party bracelet!! i want it!! its a new item and cheaper than what i bought!! talk about totally bad timing!!!

please please please help me! do u think i made the wrong decision with the bracelet that i bought? Sad comments are appreciated.. make me feel better please


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  1. i like that char, bracelet better, but hey, thats just me.