Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Eye (hollywood)

Genre: Horror
not as thrilling and scary as the original one, Jessica Alba tried to outshine what Angelica Lee did in the hong kong version of the movie. unfortunately, she didnt manage to do so.

the thing with these hollywood remakes is that you cant help but compare them to the original versions. although most of the scenes here were quite same from the chinese one, the feeling is still different. maybe its because of the sound effects, and how the original movie injected their chinese customs and beliefs in the movie which was not seen in the hollywood remake.

like, if they included the part in the original movie where the father of the "where's my report card kid" was burning some "ghost money" and left out a plate of food outside the doorstep of their apartment for their dead son in the hollywood remake, then most of the audience will get confused or something because they dont really have traditions like this and unfortunately, its one of those scenes in the chinese version that really spooked me out. or the classic "elevator scene" the americans could have done more but they didnt..

i bet most guys would watch this even though its not that good because of jessica alba (i dont find her really beautiful btw) but for me it's still the chinese version FTW.


  1. haha i knew it was worth to miss it!

  2. not really naman, kasi ur a guy, is it worth it to miss a movie with jessica alba as the lead? =D