Tuesday, May 06, 2008

if the top fits wear it

went to greenhills today... after two months of diet torture. i decided that its time for me to go s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g!!! not only because i felt like it but because i couldnt wear anything anymore.. every piece of clothing that i own looks big on me...  so.. i saw this nice white off shoulder peasant top.. i remember dreaming of wearing one since like forever but because of the fact that i was on the heavy side.. i couldnt... i held it, asked the lady how much it was.. but what bothered me most is if its gonna fit me.. "wala bang size toh?" i asked.. "wala, one size lang sha" the sales lady answered.. DAMN! i don't think its gonna fit me.. errr.. and as if reading my mind the sales lady told me "kasha yan sayo, gusto mo i-try?" i just smiled. i didnt want to try it on.. i feel awkward kasi.. i was thinking that it really wont fit me, plus the dressing room was just improvised so its more humiliating if it wont fit me.. errr.. so.. should i get it or not? she looked honest naman when she told me na its kasha.. FINE! ill get it.. if it wont fit me, ill just cry and try to loose more weight until i can finally wear it.. make it my motivation to lose more weight.. *sighs.. bought a skirt (that's supposed to go with the top) and this dress that i forgot how they call it pero im sure naman na its gonna fit me.. (well i tried it on.. lol..) anywayz.. when i got home, i was having second thoughts if im gonna try it on or not.. di mawala sa isip ko.. paano na kung di sha kashaaa!! grr i hate it.. another disappointment... after a hanging out with ivan for a few minutes, i finally decided to try it on.. i went up in my room, peb was there.. yes.. may moral support.. "peb, paano kung di kasha?".. "kasha yan ano ba!" ok.. lets get this over and done with.. i took out the top from the paper bag.. feeling ko nag sign of the cross pa ako lols.. started to try it on.. shet.. parang maliit ata.. oh no.. nakakaiyak na.. BUT WAIT.. omg.. nasuot ko sha ng maayos.. its not too tight.. not too loose din.. wow.. its.. PERFECT! omg.. i nearly jumped for joy.. i showed it to my sister.. "sabe ko sayo eh!!" i went down.. called manang tessie and showed it to her.. in other words, pinakita ko sa lahat ng tao na nasa bahay.. i cant believe it.. i just cant.. LOL!! i tried on the skirt too, it fits perfectly.. and the other dress.. perfect din.. (though i need something to cover my shoulders pa.. im not the confident yet.. i know, i still need to find a way to trim down my arms and shoulders) but nevertheless.. it looks good on me... talk about boosing your self confidence!! i know, i know, im making such a big fuss about it, but if you're someone who lost 28 pounds in just 2 months and finally living her life to the fullest, then you'll understand.. lol..


  1. heh anyaa! you've always been beautiful! although i must say, losing those 28 pounds is a major plus. :) anyway, 'm so happy for you! wee!

  2. i agree with what your friends above said, you've always been beautiful :)i cant wait to see you!!! im proud of you anya! what did you do? turo mo nman sakin ksi ako the other way around, 20 pounds na gain ko since november :(

  3. is now dying with envy. hahahah. congratz mame! alabshueeeee

  4. So happeeey foryou :) You've become even more beautiful ^^,

  5. awww thankyouuuu! *sniffs

    yey! update mo ako ha.. bukas na yun diba?

    ill tell you pag nagkita na tayo.. promise

    aylabyu too.. wak na envy dyan.. payat ka na. wag na sobra..

    thank youuuu.. super super!!

    we are all pretty... mataba man or payat.. sexy man or hindi.. its just that there's always room for improvement diba? and birds of the same feather flocks together dba? *winks. i love you alllllll!!!!

    [whew.. still need to lose around 10 more para d na overweight.. hahaha. i need alllll the support that i can get.. atleast man lang may mapatunayan ako.. hindi sa ibang tao pero sa sarili ko.. :D]