Friday, June 20, 2008

realizations for this week

  • i bought far too many stuff online this week. =x but im happy coz i wasnt scammed or something..
  • i have a pair of sandals that i only wore once since i bought it two months ago. i completely forgot about having it and wore something else every time i was wishing i have something like those pair of sandals. [god im totally weird]
  • KARMA IS INDEED DIGITAL.. ive been musing on how this girl is still wearing braces even though she's old enough to have all of her teeth fall off  when my dentist told me earlier today that i need to wear braces.
  • i realized that its ok if i will (wear braces).. [bwahaha, will lose more weight]
  • that if its meant to be mine, no matter what happens, im gonna get it. [talkin bout my tablet and my vaio and a whole lot of stuff some are yet to be mine but im positive that it will be.. someday]
  • that my brain is getting rusty and i need to blog more often.
  • that im getting so stressed lately, my hands shake alot whenever im in a hurry and i panic easily [TARANTAda daw ako.. wdf lol]
  • that im worrying if the dress i bought yesterday will fit me [ill be getting it tomorrow]
  • that someday, somehow, imma pwn EVITA PERONI and her totally expensive hair accessories. WATCH OUT WORLD!! HERE I COME!!!
  • im tired but my brain is still working so ill make the most out of it {woot i have a brain! hurray!!!]
  • that kai only gets sleepy whenever im working [he sleeps on my lap] and when i can finally go to bed and i take him with me, he's gonna be up till morning and play while i sleep. =x
  • i am thankful that its not raining so much coz i still havent bought a hoodie. [but i already got a transparent umbrella so... yea, i wish itd rain so i can use it.. haha]
  • that i havent thought about something im aways thinking about for the last couple of days now.
  • that i am a good person by nature even though i try to be mean and shit. lol..
  • that i have no time for love right now.. sorryyyyyyy..
  • that its bad to say "wala akong pera" coz you'll only lose more money if u did. lol.. cant justify it though..
  • that the song pokey wrote for me is absolutely hilarious and absolutely describes my lovelife hahaha yes my lovelife is hilarious.. ITS ONE BIG JOKE.. [will be posting it soon]
  • that even if i try, i cant and i will never be able to do something i planned to do for a long time now.. and i know i sux coz of this.
  • that its funny how i had my teeth cleaned and ended up having to get a complete blood count because of it. (yes.. this is true lol.)
  • that i will get what i want because i am me. (no explanations needed)
  • that this is the lamest blog entry ever
  • that its time for me to sleep.

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