Sunday, June 14, 2009

its about time!

im back!!! back in the habit as well! lol..

just got busy from work and shit.. oh wells..

anywayz, the other night (or should i say morning, when i got home from work, i was talking to camz online and i told her that i was to buy a pair of crocs rio on my rest day.. But then, she showed me this listing in ebay.. i fell in love with it.. it was a pair of coach mila wedges, my size, at a very affordable price..
i dunno what got into me and didnt purchase it right away. maybe i was way to sleepy.. i told myself there's still tomorrow.. so i dozed off.. Unfortunately... when i woke up, somebody else purchased it!!! i was sooo frustrated, and i felt so stupid for not buying it right away!!! i hated myself, i hated the person who purchased it!! i already imagined myself wearing it na eh!

so when i got over it (after a few hours or so.. i told myself that i am sooo gonna buy that crocs nalang.. (imagine settling for second best.. this always happen to me!)  hayyy...

anyways, my mom woke me up at around 11am after I managed to sleep at around 8am coz she was going to trinoma i told her that imma go with her.. she's gonna grab some stuff at landmark so i asked her if we can just like meet up somewhere so i can buy my rio.. unfortunately when i got to crocs, they dont have rio anymore (according to the guy, its matagal na so they dun haf it anymore) badtrip... so i just headed to shoe salon.. first thing that caught my eye is this pair of ipanema wedges but after browsing through the other stuff they have there i saw this pair of ed hardy wedges and i fell in love with it!!! i was sooo nervous when i asked if they have it in my size (coz everytime i like sumfin from shoe salon trinoma, they always, alwaysssss dont have it in my size) imagine the happiness i felt when the salesguy went out of the stock room with a pair of size 6! yey!! no second thoughts, i purchased it right away..

here is a pic of my new baby:

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dont you think its love?

i felt better for not purchasing the coach wedges coz this is much better!!! oh my gee!! and cant wait to wear it on tuesday when i go to work!! im so excited!!!!!!! wooot! only problem is.. what am i going to wear with it? sighsss* dont you think it looks good when your wearing a pedal pusher or a short skirt? eyelavit!!!

this is happiness! <3

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  1. ahahaha! sayang noh? pero buti nalanggg u bought a very gorgeous pair.. niceeee! =D immm soooo enviousssss haha!<33