Monday, July 15, 2013

Dealing with Strangers Around Your Baby

Last saturday, i had a scheduled prenatal check up for baby number 2 and since my ob holds her clinic at sm megamall, hubby and i decided to take Caleb with us.

Caleb is my 1 year old son and though he is very suplado he tend to attract other people's attention because of his looks especially his big gorgeous eyes (yup im a proud momma).

while waiting for my turn in the usually packed waiting area of In My Womb, i was surprised to see that Cale was in the mood to interact with the other patients. while making pa-cute one lady noticed him. She talked to Cale asking him the usual questions like "whats your name?" "how old are you?" i was the one who answered for my son since aside from the fact that my kid can only talk gibberish, i felt that i had to step up so she knows im watching (caleb was with his yaya by the way)

Anyhows, i wasn't feeling that uncomfortable with her asking questions about cale but then she suddenly raised her arms and asked caleb to go with her. i panicked. i didn't know what to say or do so i will not offend the lady and tell her that i feel uncomfortable with what she wanted to do. i just prayed that caleb will say no and thankfully he did.

As a mom based here in the Philippines I think one cant blame me if i am overprotective with my son due to the high and rising number of kidnapping cases here which even happens right in front of the parents' very eyes. I felt upset with the lady because why would she want to carry a stranger's kid? why does she have to make me feel awkward when i have no intentions of offending anyone? how do i deal with situations like this? 

my husband and i talked about what happend and here are the things we came up with should this happen again:

1. talk to yaya and tell her that should someone ask to carry caleb, never ever agree and give our child to the stranger no matter how friendly the stranger may look.    

2. Politely decline by saying sorry and that i dont think my son will be comfortable to be held by a complete stranger (this may sound harsh but then again why take in consideration a stranger's feelings when your kid's safety is at risk)

3. If the stranger feels offended and fires back, ignore. if he/she have good intentions he/she wouldnt mind. we are the parents, its our decision to do what we think is right for our son.

Seriously, I never thought that raising kids will be this hard and you have alot to deal with especially when it comes to their safety. Call me OA or praning or whatever, but as of now, with Caleb's age, I dont care. i would rather be known as the restrictive mom who was able to raise her son well instead of the easy-going mom who lost a kid because of her carelessness in dealing with strangers.

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