Saturday, January 05, 2008

kimono ken

Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
Location:tomas morato / sm north the block
for an authentic Japanese restaurant, kimono ken's prices are fairly lower than the average .. the sukiyaki that they serve fits the appetite of four people although they claim that its just for two.. their sukiyaki is a must!

i always order for katsudon since its my favorite japanese dish ever.. and compared to Tatami the katsudon at kimono ken is far more affordable.. [Php 150 at kimono ken vs. Php 250 at tatami]

though bottomless drinks arent available in their menu i advice you to try the kimono ken special that they serve .. a mix of fruit juices thats far more different than other fruit drinks out there.

so if you are craving for japanese food.. be sure to try eating at Kimono Ken.. its definitely worth it.. :D

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