Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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today, i had my ears pierced again for the 3rd time... i dun really know why i did but i just felt like i needed a change in me..

i decided to get the right one pierced since i cant find a good spot in my left ear.. funny how i used to tell myself that ill never have my right ear pierced other than the one i already have since i was a baby but i guess people change.

anyways, i was able to go to the mall again after awhile.. i mean.. i went to trinomaƂ  two weeks ago to pick up louis-kun but lol i barely stayed there for 30 minutes so i guess that doesnt count..

im looking for this book by slash.. its actually his autobiography.. but unfortunately.. when i got to fully booked, they said that they only had one copy of it and was sold a few days ago.. >_> sux.. :(.. i know, i know, i dont look like someone who'd be interested to know the life of a drunken, heroin addicted, guitar playing rock icon .. but hey.. HE IS SLASH!! deym.. i remember how much i loved GNR way back in the days.. but its only know that i totally appreciate their music.. too bad theyre gone now.. =[

hayyy.. i wonder where i can get this book.. i sooo wan to haf it :(
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