Tuesday, February 19, 2008

out of nothing


feels like i havent posted an entry for agesssssssss...

first of all happy lunar new year :D

i am having troubles sleeping again.. coz i somehow have a crazy sleeping pattern yet for the nth time..

i havent gone to work for about 5 days now..
fun fun fun!! so much happiness.. being able to sleep and lounge around the whole day here in my room.. hmm need to get some sunlight though..

remember how i got a haircut a few weeks ago? i was totally frustrated so i decided to get a shorter haircut.. then after a few days, i found out that i got frustrated because of nothing... lol.. yea..

im bloggin again.. out of boredom.. oh and.. i noticed that everytime i feel upset about something, i have this urge to blog.. so therefore, I am once again upset.. hopefully, in a few days, ill find out that i didnt have to be upset about tonight.. wish me luck

ciao for now

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