Monday, March 24, 2008



okay, so after reading a friend's blog i told myself i needed to blog too.

too much emotions bottled up at the moment.
confusion seems to dominate it the most..

theres this guy that i really really really like but i dont know if he likes me too

and everytime i think about it i always tell myself that im already old for this kinda shit.

i hate it, i really really really hate it.

i was given so many chances to tell him how much i love him but i always held be back.
i was scared and i felt that its not right for me to take the first move.
i was scared that he'd stay away from me because he doesnt feel the same. i dont wanna lose him. i was in hell when he came and now im back on my feet because of him. im pretty sure that he is one of my reasons for living.

a few days ago, before i went to bed, i reflected, i wanted to know what i really want. i wanted to be sure about my feeling for this person, i cleared all my doubts and im sure he is the one. but theres like a 10% chance for  him to feel the same way for me.

"take a chance.."
again? i already did, a looooooong time ago. but things didnt really turn out well. TRAGIC..

"take a chance again!"
should i? im so confused, so tired of getting hurt. i know that if i do this there's like a 90% chance that im gonna
get hurt so what should i di?

"atleast you tried.."
tried to get hurt again? lols, this is starting to get so funny..

"just let him know!"
i dont knowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!


see how confusing it isssssss!!

i wanna cry </3

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