Thursday, March 27, 2008

funny love

i went out today..

lol anywayz, my sister's interview is comin up and she needed something to wear.. so we headed to galleria.. not bad, not that tiring to look for something to make her look decent enough for her interview. oh and it wasn't traffic at all. couldn't help but think that i didn't make a bad decision in going with them. apparently, i don't go out much these days coz i wanna be spared from eating. yep.. you heard me.. for 21 days now ive been eating once a day and got rid of rice [evil carbs] i eat about 3 small strips of lean meat then stuff myself with water. VOILA, hungry no more.

ok so back to the story.. we passed by national bookstore coz my mom had to buy some stuff. peb and i decided to browse for some books and we ended up in the kids section.. and i saw a little book that striked me.. its a "pucca" book.
"pucca is a daughter of three chinese noodle house owners. she is in love with a ninja named "garu". However, he desperately tries to avoid Pucca's advances, and (usually) does not return her affection. While Garu is a skilled ninja, Pucca always seems to best him in combat and unintentional competition, simply by sheer wit."

i cant help but laugh, i believe that i am soooo like her lol. its crazy how she struggles so hard for garu to notice her but he just doesnt want to. sounds miserable but how they injected some humor on this totally common scenario that a normal girl would go through pulls it off..

im soo like her and he's sooo like garu.. its that bad! lol! but it realized that it can be THAT funny too...



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