Sunday, April 06, 2008

an OTAP a day

someone was generous enough to bring me 2 packs of otap as a pasalubong from his vacation in cebu. i dont know if he knows but i loveeeeeeeee otap.. its soooo love! i remember when i was young, my aunt, whose husband is from cebu, would bring home pasalubong for us whenever they go there. along with otap, she'd buy ronquillos, dried mangoes, turones and a lot more but for me, OTAP is FTW.

*Otap is an oval-shaped puff pastry in the Philippines, especially common in Cebu where it  originated. It is usually created from a combination of flour, shortening, coconut, and sugar. In order to achieve the distinctive texture of the pastry, it much undergo a two-stage baking process.

everybody close to me knows that i love otap so much. i cant say no to it.. and it's sad coz right now im on a heavy diet.. :( so what i planned to do is eat a piece everyday. it guess it wont hurt.. right?


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