Sunday, April 06, 2008

Little Asia

Cuisine: Asian
i was supposed to review this place ages ago but i just dont know why i didnt lol..
anywayz, before i got into this heavy diet that im doing right now, i loveddddd to pigout at little asia.. my first time eating there was kind of a bitter sweet sweet experience.

when we got there, theres this big party in the 2nd floor of the restaurant.. thats what we thought.. we found out later that they nearly closed the whole place for the event.. only 5 table (i think) were available for other guests.. lucky for us, we managed to sit before the 5 remaining tables where taken..

ok so the menu was kinda extensive.. dishes from vietnam to thailand to singapore to korea to china to japan were available.. (kinda got confused though when i saw that they serve pasta too.. isnt pasta an italian dish) problem was we didnt really know what to order.. (first item in the menu that i saw was from vietnam and it was frog legs..) finally, we settled for
Wonton Wrappers with Cheesy Beef Sauce (appetizer),
Korean Beef Stew (which totally reminded me of this beef stew that my ex' dad cooked), Vietnamese Crispy Spareribs with Garllic, Japanese Tofu Steak and Yang Chow Rice.

Problem was, because of the party, we had to wait for quite a while for them to serve our order.. Luckily, we were patient because when the food came, all the dishes that we ordered was worth the long wait.. Still having some room for dessert, we ordered for Crepe Samurai ( i think this one is with peaches and mangoes with vanilla ice cream on the side) and their Mango Wonton Tower (which i believe is FTW.. layers of crispy wonton with mangoes in between glazed with chocolate syrup and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream).. after paying the bill, we were 100% sure to be back and eat there again.

We didnt have to wait too long for our order to be served during our next visit there so its official.. Little Asia became one of the restaurants that we highly opt to go to whenever we want to get out of the house and get some grub..

i luv, luv, luv it.. even now that im on a diet, i still managed to enjoy eating there coz their salad is a must for those of you who are on a diet =P

try little asia, you wont regret it.