Wednesday, April 02, 2008

more than pissed..

i am annoyed

theres this guy who just cant seem to bug off..
its excruciating everytime i hear my cellphone beep and see that its him!! its groaaaaaaaaar!!

one time i was waiting for a super important call from a super important person. then i heard my phone ring.. i never really put my celliephone beside me especially when im waiting for someone to call me up or text me coz its frustrating to wait. so anywayz.. i quickly grabbed my phone which was on my bed only to find out that its the annoying guy that im talking about.. AGAIN! mind you its like the 15th time that he called me up that day. i mean, hellooo??? isnt that clear that i dont want to talk to you..

demit! and aside from calling me up he sends me these messages that i dont even want to know!!! i dont care!! i am not really a texting type of person, i wont text someone just because of nothing. sometimes globe just eats up my credits. i really hate it when people bug me and im not used to telling people off.. and most of all im not intereseted to hear anything about himmm..

i cant find the right words to describe how pissed i am.

i might as well change my number.. AGAIN! but its such a hassle!!

arghhh i hate it!!!


  1. yiheeeeee!!!

    may stalker si anya!

  2. pocha! di sha actually stalker nakakairita lang pramis! kung naging stalker pa sha pakamatay na ako!

  3. lol bes!


    empre hahaha para patunay na asar talaga ako to the highest level

  4. mame omg hus dat? me stalker ka?? wahhaha

  5. di sha stalker anak... sadyang makulit lang sha.. at nakakairita kasi sobra sobra sobrang kulit na di nakakatuwa