Thursday, April 03, 2008


oh god, i hate internet account site registrations!

picture this..

im looking for a certain .dll file that i need for me to run this program that im using so
i googled it up. oh goody, i found a site where i can download it.. click! yes!! the site
loads! wooot! it says "click here to download" so i did. but then instead of the download
window popping up, i was redirected to the sign in page of the site..

"you must be a registered member to download this file"


OK! FINE! I really need this file, i have no choice but to go through the whole
registration thing. so after filling up the registration form.. i thought, finally, i can
download the file now.. with a smile on my face, i hit the "submit now!" button.
then again, the page loads and this is what it says

"thank you for registering! but before you can use our services, you have to activate your
account. we have sent you an email at "", blah blah and all that crap.

hello! its annoying! the registration takes far more longer than the actual download of the
file that i need! and when it comes to these kinda stuff, im really impatient. and it gets
more annoying when i dont have to download anything but im just looking for some infomation or
answers to technical question and when i try to google it up and see sites which can actually
help me find what im looking for i still have to register so i can view the entire topic. And with this registration thingy, the site keeps on sending useless stuff in my email that fills up my inbox!!! i tried unsubscribing but it still continues to send me those junk spam stuff!!! i hate itttt!!!!

just a thought? why cant everybody be generous?

i hate it.


  1. haha i can relate. free stuff are getting hard to find these days. you'd be lucky to get one without an ulterior motive behind the giveaway.

    and yes, i am generous enough to give a few of my time to comment! =))

  2. few of ur time???? haha bum ka kaya! hahaha

  3. thanks for stating the obvious! -____________-

  4. hahaha.. ok lang yan nea, wag mo lang palagpasin ng one year xD