Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Serenitea of Turmoil

Yesterday, after our weekly trip to the grocery, we headed to San Juan as mom needed to pick up some of the scrap booking stuff she ordered at lasting impressions. On the way, she suggested that we try Serenitea.

As a loyal fan of Bubble Tea, I was hesitant. However, I decided why not give it a try since it was extremely hot and Im really thirsty already.

When we got there, there were no vacant seats so I was kinda thinking, hey this must be really good. The guy behind the counter greated us a with a loud “EEOWWWW POHHH!” (seriously) without smiling. He had a nametage which says his name was “Raymond”

When I saw the menu, I was kinda confused on what to order. Undecided, I went for a large Wintermelon Frost with Pearl and Crystals assuming that it was sort of the “shake” version of there teas as Im not really a fan of the normal tea or milk tea. As my cousin was also with us, he ordered for a large honey aloe and he asked if he can choose the sweetness level of his order Raymond said “Ay hindi po pwede kasi Automatic na po yung sweetness non” I was like whoa! Automatic! We also ordered for chicken chop and potato rounds. My cousin also had their “loyaltea card” wherein you get a stamp everytime you order for a large drink. He handed the card to Raymond and when he returned it, there was only one stamp. My cousin asked why there was only one stamp when we ordered for 2 large drinks, Raymond didn’t even check our orders but insisted that we only ordered for 1 large drink. Annoyed, my cousin insisted as well that we ordered for 2 and not 1 large drinks which was the only time that Raymond checked our orders and sticked another sticker on my cousin’s loyaltea card.

When we were finally seated and got our order, I was surprised to see that my order was not what I was expecting for. Maybe because of the fact that it was my first time there I thought that what they served me was right. I admit that I was at fault too coz I didnt make sure if the frost thingy should be the shake version of their teas and I was also so damn thirsty already because it was so hot outside that I immediately grabbed the straw and punched the cover of my drink and tasted it. The taste was Ok but there wasnt enough ice on my drink to have my thirst quenched. That was when it hit me.. “Ito ba yung frost? Eh walang kalamig-lamig?”

I checked on the label that they printed and sticked on my plastic cup and it says “Wintermelon Sweet” so meaning to say they gave me an incorrect order. But it was too late. I was already drinking it. I didnt want to argue so I let it pass.

After 20 minutes with our drinks almost finished up the chicken and potatoes where still missing in action. I looked at the counter and raised my hand to call for a server only to see Raymond with a compact powder in hand retouching his face with loads of face powder. Since he was too busy with his makeup we were completely ignored.

Luckily, another server was there so we asked for him to follow up or chicken chop and potato rounds. He went in the kitchen and quickly went out to serve our pending orders which means to say that if we didn’t ask for a follow up it will never be served.

Serenitea has a lot of potentials. For others, their food is undeniably good especially if you love tea. However with the type of service that they provide, for customers like me, Id rather go somewhere else where I get good food and good service. Somewhere like Bubble Tea.

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