Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thor's Day at the Gateway Cineplex 10

Last Saturday, hubby and i watched Thor at the Gateway Cineplex 10 or better known as The Globe Platinum Cinema. It was actually a choice between IMAX and GPC but I decided to go for the latter as hubby havent experienced watching a movie there yet. So even though it was not offered in 3D I went for the GPC.

The globe platinum cinema boasts 40 de luxe reclining lazy boy chairs and a first class lounge where patrons can comfortably wait before they can enter the cinema itself. there is also a small bar where patrons can order beer and wine that they can either consume in the lounge or inside the cinema itself while watching the movie.

The last time that I saw a movie there was when we saw Batman Begins which was 5 years ago, i think.. lol. I dont really watch movies in movie theatres all the time however I remember that I had so much fun watching it in the Globe Platinum Cinema because of the la-Z Boy seats and unlimited popcorn and drinks. So needless to say, I booked 2 seats for the 6:20 pm screening of Marvel's latest installment about the God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor.

When we got there, we waited at the lounge and hubby was enjoying how comfortable the seats were. Finally the usher called us informing everyone that we can now enter. We showed our tickets and they asked us to grab a bucket of popcorn and a drink. I was quite disappointed because they don't offer unlimited popcorn and drinks anymore. But its ok.

I can see hubby excited already as we were lead to our seats. Who wouldnt love La-Z Boys? He even told me "My, gusto ko nito sa bahay!" hehe! As the film started I got even more excited but as the movie progressed as well, the sound was fluctuating that it got so annoying. I lost all of my excitement. It got fixed though as the movie was about to end.

The popcorn they served was delicious. After the movie, I decided to ask the usher where I can buy the popcorn they served. Upon approaching her, I saw her talking to one of the customers and I kinda overheard their conversation. The patron complained about the sounds and the usher politely apologized and said "baka po sa ulan Ma'am, malakas po kasi yung ulan kanina." The Lady acknowledged yet insisted and said "ok but kahit na, diba kasi syempre mahal yung binayad namin here so just take note of my comment as well". I was surprised to see the usher smile and say "Ok Ma'am, Once again pasensiya na po kayo" then she smiled.

All in all it was still a good experience watching in the GPC. Hopefully they really took note of the lady's comment so atleast their patrons can be spared from encountering bad cinema sound system because of a typhoon or rain or whatever call of nature it is coz hey, we paid, and we should get what we paid for right?

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