Saturday, May 14, 2011

Im not a Belieber, never was, never will be..

OMG! I really have to blog about this since everyone is talking about this video here in the Philippines.

I never liked Justine Bieber and I dont have anything against his fans at all. Sure everyone can go crazy seeing their favorite pop star. I know that since I myself was also crazy about Boyzone during my teenybopper days. I remember going to Hard Rock Cafe with my bestfriend Ann Camille to see them and watch their meet and greet. Being the crazy fan that I am, when the show was over, I took a chance and asked the security guard if I can bring home the huge (as in life size huge) Boyzone poster displayed in the entrance of Hard Rock Cafe and when the guard nodded his head, I immediately carried the poster making all of the other girls who watched the show envy me.. (mwahahaha). I dont have anything against him too.. not until now..

So, this Beiber kid arrived here in Pinas to perform however he was not feeling well. The show lasted for only an hour. Of course, if you are a crazy fan, you wouldn't mind at all even if your idol sang just one song.. You'll be in denial that your idol cant sing live, is not a total performer or in short sucked. Its like being drugged and once again, I have nothing against that.

However, what I wont accept is how this piece of shit treated Filipinos who are crazy about him. The story behind the video depicts how a dad would do anything for his daughter. Before this video took place, I'm pretty sure, a little Filipino girl felt lucky enough to have a father working in NAIA who is incharge of security once the Bieber leaves however after this, I think all the little girl will be proud of is how lucky she is for having a Father who tried his best. i doubt that she is still a fan.

Justin Bieber, I dont care if you have nice hair, or have millions of little beliebers swooning over you. I dont care if you are PMSing what ever it is that you are currently going through.
Feeling under the weather is never an excuse for being rude! For me you are still an arrogant brat who aint no Michael Jackson to act like this.

Watch the video.

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