Thursday, May 19, 2011

WOW Philippines! Your Customer Service Sucks!

This morning, a friend of my aunt who is currently on vacation here in Pinas from the united states sent my mom and sms asking where she can file a complain against the hotel that they stayed in.

I immediately thought of the WOW Philippines website (Department of Tourism)to ask for assistance. I was happy to see that they offer real time customer service chat so since I'm online, instead of picking up the phone I opted to chat with one of their customer care representative.

here is a screen shot of what we have talked about:

I have worked for customer service and this is a total fail! I feel cheated! A high amount of tax is being deducted from what I work for so that the Government can use what they have taken from my own salary to pay people like this who give crappy customer service!

OMG Department of tourism! Do you seriously expect foreigners to visit the Philippines with a customer service like this?

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  1. i feel for you... it's frustrating especially when you have an idea on what quality CS is... not yet popular in the philippines but it's already starting... :D