Thursday, June 13, 2013

14 years of Gmail?!?!

Today I decided to install an email client for my laptop. I am not to sure why my outlook doesnt work so ofcourse, i turned to my next option for an open email client which is mozilla thunderbird.

while setting up, i noticed that the email list displayed by thunderbird is from oldest to newest and i cant believe that the first email i got on my gmail account was dated way back 1999! As far as I can remember, I created an account way back 2005 as I have been a loyal yahoo mail user before then.

the weird thing is after the 1999 email, apparently, the next message i got is from the gmail team welcoming me and thanking me for signing up for a gmail account

lol! anyways, i read through my old messages. im quite happy that i didnt even delete one message ever since i started using gmail and it says that my mailbox is only 17% used. take note, i have 17, 631 unread messages and I have all in all 22,431 messages in my inbox.

I know, its no big deal and there might even be people with more unread messages than i have but its just that i remember, before i used gmail, i had to painstakingly delete email messages from my yahoo inbox because it has a limited storage capacity and if i fail to delete messages, i wont be able to receive the new ones anymore. and also, its just fun to look back. Oh and technically, for the record, its just 8 years that Ive been using Gmail and not 14 years. :)

i wouldve posted another "im back to blogging" entry but i felt that its inappropriate coz i dont know if i can keep up with it again like i promised before. anyways. here's to looking back on old stuff and looking forward to new ones.


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