Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modern Marvel: Mega Food!

Yesterday, while watching TV, my husband stumbled upon the History Chanel where they were showing some Mayan documentary on how the Mayans predicted the supposedly apocalypse that shouldve happend last December 21, 2012. However, during the commercials, we saw a preview of another tv show which was Modern Marvels. Mega Food!

We both know that most of the stuff that they show here on History Chanel Asia are already outdated and reruns thats why we decided to check out YouTube if the said episode was already uploaded there and luckily it was.

Modern Marvels, Mega Food! counted down America's top 10 guilty pleasures in terms of food. each and every entry made me and my husband hungry. lol! its so hard to resist food especially when you are pregnant.

Im sharing the youtube upload here so if you want to be hungry, feel free to watch it. 

seriously, we got so hungry after watching this, its a good thing mom bought some peppered chicken and corn from serenitea. not as good as all of the food we saw from watching modern marvels but then again, it surely satisfied our hunger. Toodles!

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