Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I cant believe Im posting this

So, its the time of year for the NBA Finals. My husband, who is seriously a fan of NBA, unfortunately is on the morning shift so, he misses out on most of the games.

Earlier today, is the Game 6 of NBA Finals for this year between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. I dont know why but Im cheering for Miami Heat.

When I turned on the TV it was the end of the 1st quarter and Miami was up 5 points. I had breakfast first, contemplating if I should watch. I think my husband and I make a great tandem coz when we watched Game 4, Heat won but lost Game 5 when I was the only one watching. I tried to keep up with the rest of the quarter but after the half time, Spurs already lead the game by 10 points, I saw a very, very angry Lebron James so I decided to turn off the TV and got ready for lunch with the hubby. I was home alone again and since I was feeling quite ok, I decided to lunch out with him at his office.

I told myself, that going out was a good call instead of watching coz I felt that Miami will lose again since Im watching alone. When I got to whistle stop, Lo and behold, their gigantic tv was tuned in to the game and I was shocked to see that Miami was already leading the game. 5 points with a couple of minutes left in the 4th quarter

I had to text my husband to get there quick, I felt that Miami need our tandem to win (ahahaha!) Unfortunately when my husband arrived, the Spurs was already leading, I dont know how many points but I thought the game was over. A few seconds left I think around 5 seconds, with Spurs leading 3 points, Then this guy, Ray Allen took a chance on a three-pointer and it went in leading to an overtime!

I already lost all hope that Miami will win this game for a final game 7. Guess what, they won the overtime!

I guess my husband and I really make a good tandem when it comes to NBA as long as we are both siding for the same team :)

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